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About Us

Established in 2020 mTm's journey so far:

  • Successfully networked and established more than 500 highly motivated, skilled and experienced retailers across the country who are providing extensive customer support with their dedicated and hardworking approach

  • Introduced Online Medical Consultation Services with the help of Vhealth

  • mTm-store our product sales division deals in electronics and all the necessary security devices which are required by various businesses such as mPos which is required by csp to run their shop seamlessly.

  • MTM has successfully developed loyal customer base through associated task workers as a supply chain network across the country to fuel the development of Indian economy.

Our Achievements:

  • MTM is already working with more than 500 retailers, more 100 district coordinators and we are yet to work on our full strength!

  • Our retailers also sell value added services which increases there income substantially.

  • Introducing new services in the market such as online Doctor Consultancy in rural areas which helps in getting quality health care.

  • Our retailers are qualified to sell financial products.

  • Our retailers have at least 5 years of on field experience which helps us to work seamlessly.

  • Training Programs for new retailers helps them to learn Customer Management skills and provide Quality service.

  • MTM’s sales division can also promote a new product or service.

  • MTM is a start up but our network and fundamental are strong enough to out perform our competition.

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